Stephanie Hospital

Venture Capitalist

Stephanie Hospital is a senior executive with a proven track record in the Internet, Telephone company and Media Industry. She has recently left her position as executive Vice President at Orange to embark on a new venture or adventure, the foundation of One Ragtime, a global technology investment fund and advisory company.  Stephanie is also a non-executive director for Dailymotion, Advisor for Mythings, the fastest growing ad tech firm in Europe in 2013, and Vice Chairman for the Internet Advertising Bureau Europe, representing more than 5,500 organizations.

During her time at Orange she held several key top management positions for over ten years, managing the Digital Business Unit, where she was responsible for a number of international subsidiaries in the digital field, major product lines such as Cloud services, data and analytics, digital marketing and social media, applications and sites, online distribution, as well as the company’s global advertising network that spans over 795 million unique visitors across 5 continents and 60 countries. Stephanie was the one leading Orange’s digital acquisition of Dailymotion and its major partnerships with Google, Facebook, Twitter and Microsoft.