Stergios Parizas

Stergios Parizas was born and raised in Naousa. As a child he studied music (guitar and theory of music). In 2010 he graduated from the Department of Primary Education, University of Thessaly. In his attempt to integrate music in the classroom he observed the positive psychological effect this had on the students. In 2014 he was assigned a student with special educational needs in Rhodes island.

Without any expertise he brought the student closer to school by making it as attractive as possible, based on values such as love and mutual respect, while using music as a means to positively affect his psychology. At the end of the school year they created and sang a song about what they had learned during their common journey. This year, Stergios teaches at the primary school of Kalymnos island.

He believes in motivational learning, promoting creativity and encouraging free expression. He also trusts in teachers and students creating a better and more inspired world.