Persefoni Mitta


Born in Pella, Persefoni Mitta was a marathon runner since the age of 15. Yet, the most important marathon of her life was that against cancer. In 1987, her life expectancy, according to the doctors, was 3 months and when she had to be operated in the US the chances of having a successful operation was no more than 5 %. However, with her strength of soul Persefoni won over cancer not only once but three times. She became stronger and ever since she devoted her life to volunteering.

At a time when cancer was a sort of taboo, Persefoni talked about it openly. For the last 24 years she is one of the co-founders, and now President, of the Association of Cancer Patients in Macedonia and Thrace, as well as a member of 20 more associations, including the Union of Cancer Patients of Greece and the European Association of Cancer Patients. Doctors, patients, as well as patients’ relatives, credit her for being an exemplary fighter not only in her own battle against cancer but also for the battle she has been giving for all those who, beaten by cancer, struggle to cope with the disease, the flaws of family and society and certainly the lack of medical care and support on the part of the state. In 2003, she published a book titled “The journey of cancer”, based on her own thoughts and preoccupations while unwittingly being on bed. Committed to volunteering, Persefoni was a volunteer in Athens 2004 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Through her broad and vivid activism, including the Association’s activities, published campaign strategies, helpdesks running in the oncological departments of all hospitals in Thessaloniki and groups of psychological support, as well as of physiotherapy, theatre, dance and painting, Persefoni Mitta incarnates an exemplary of volunteering, love and offering.