Michalis Agathos

Michalis Agathos is a theoretical physicist, PhD candidate in gravitational physics at Nikhef Amsterdam, and member of the international LIGO-Virgo Collaboration of gravitational wave detectors.

He studied Applied Mathematics and Physics at NTUA (Athens) and went on to obtain his master degrees in Theoretical Physics and Mathematics at the University of Utrecht, working in the fields of Quantum Gravity and Noncommutative Geometry.

In his doctoral dissertation he specialises in the study of gravitational waves sourced by coalescing binary systems consisting of black holes and neutron stars.

Working on the interface between theory and experiment, he is exploring how gravitational waves, as witnesses of the most violent events in the history of the Universe, can be coerced to testify on the nature of gravity, on the properties of black holes and super-dense matter, on the beginning and the evolution of our Universe.

In the recent discovery of gravitational waves, his analyses contributed to the proof that the detected signal verifies Einstein’s theory of General Relativity, and set the most stringent upper bound to date on the mass of the graviton.