Michael Zouloumidis


Mr. Zouloumidis took the bold decision to change from a career in the fashion industry in Bulgaria to a farming life in Greece. Through the work and research of Professor Michael Fitikas at the Aristotle University, he realised the potential of cultivating Spirulina – a dietary supplement with very high nutritional value – in the Northern Greek region of Therma, Nigrita, an area unique for this purpose due to its geothermal fields. He single-handedly created the Spirulina market in Greece and is the only producer of Spirulina in Europe, in the process winning the title of most innovative company in the country. His product, which is also certified organic, is the product which the European Space Agency uses for its research on astronaut dietary needs. Through the work of his company Alge SA, his product has been exported to astronaut bases abroad.