Maya Tsoclis


Maya Tsoclis’ name is synonymous with travel journalism. However, in fact she is a multi-tasker extraordinaire. Born in Paris, she started travelling at an early age, following her father, Costas Tsoclis, continuously moving abroad for business. She spent her childhood in France, Germany and Greece, where she settled permanently. She graduated from the French School of Athens and then returned to Paris where she studied sociology. She has also been a member of the national swimming team and a member of the Hellenic Parliament from 2009 to 2012. She recently became an entrepreneur as a founding member of a microbrewery on Tinos, while, since 2010, Maya Tsoclis has been a Greek Wine Ambassador. Since the summer of 2013 she has been publishing TAMA magazine, the first free press magazine on Tinos; currently she is shooting a new show for the Greek national television.

Her documentary series “Travelling with Maya Tsoclis”, which is considered the top travelling programme in Greece, has visited over 50 countries around the world and has been repeatedly honoured during the 14 years of its successful broadcast. Maya has been involved in the tourism industry from various positions of her journalist’s career and her brief participation in politics.

Exploiting her knowledge, gained from her travel-reporting, she became editor-in-chief of “Passport” travel magazine; she also presented a travel show on SKAI radio for two years.