Eric Parks


Born in Athens, Greece in 1975, Eric Parks studied Criminology and Law in the United States and United Kingdom before focusing on his inner tech geek and subsequently working in Telecommunications, Game Design, and Digital Advertising in the United States, Balkans and Greece. His work has allowed him to experience a broad spectrum of roles from multinationals, heading the digital department at Leo Burnett Athens, to bootstrapping enterprises as one of 3 partners in a digital games startup.

An entrepreneur at heart, Eric is one of the 6 founders, all from Greece, of, a Silicon Valley startup with a smartphone and mobile devices platform that allows users to exchange interactive messages in a unique way.

The team of 6 founders, working from 2010 had a background in social media and advertising that included more than 22 million users in various applications as well as several award winning advertising campaigns. Nevertheless, the team failed to raise seed capital in Greece before departing for Silicon Valley in February 2011 and successfully raising seed capital from Silicon Valley VC’s, Russian and Chinese investors within 3 months.

Eric has won the Golden Ermis and EBGE awards in Greece for his co-creation of campaigns & games and lives between Athens, Greece and Silicon Valley.Eric is married and has two children.