Ed Cooke


Ed Cooke is the co-founder of “Memrise”, a free online educational platform that uses memory techniques and creativity to optimise learning. At the age of 23 he became Grandmaster of Memory, which means than he can learn a 1000 digit number and the order of 10 decks of cards within an hour. Ed is known for having coached the journalist Josh Foer from scratch to be US memory champion in only a single year. He uses memory techniques which involve turning raw data like packs of cards, series of numbers and US Presidents into colourful imagery.

Cooke graduated with a first class degree in psychology and philosophy from Oxford University in 2004 and the next year he completed a Master’s degree in Cognitive Science at Paris Descartes University. After his studies, he started a career researching, writing about and teaching memory techniques.

He founded his company “Memrise” along with Greg Detre, a Princeton neuroscientist specializing in the science of memory and forgetting. It is an online learning tool that uses flash cards augmented with mnemonics and the spacing effect to boost the speed and ease of learning. “Memrise” was launched in private beta after winning the Princeton Entrepreneurship Club 2009 TigerLaunch competition. The next year it was named as one of the winners of the London Mini-Seedcamp competition and was one of the finalists for the 2010 TechCrunch Europas Start-up of the Year. In 2011, Memrise was selected as one of the Techstars Boston startups. Finally last year 100 users were allowed to sign up to test a non beta version of the website called Memrise 1.0.

He has also authored the book “Remember, Remember: Learn the Stuff You Thought You Never Could” and has had work published in numerous publications, including the Times, the Telegraph, Observer and Journal of Consciousness Studies. His latest writings on memory, education and philosophy can be found on his blog and on Twitter.