Dimitris Korres


Inventor, mechanical engineer and mountaineer, Dimitris Korres is certainly a man of many professional skills ranging from rock climbing to engine repairs and constructions, including the construction of the first Greek high performance prototype automobile, known as Korres Project 4.

As a mechanical engineer Dimitris has been involved in up to 40 heavy structure relocation projects in Greece and abroad, as well as projects on big job-site machinery (hydraulic and electromechanical). In collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and architect Manolis Korres, Dimitris has also undertaken numerous architectural survey plans and monument restorations. He participated in the Venice Architectural Biennale and won the 1st prize of the Greek Technical Chamber while he was the technical planning supervisor of the 2004 Athens Olympic Games opening ceremony. Dimitris has also lectured on monument protection at the Athens Polytechnic School of Architecture.

Together with his work as a mechanical engineer, Dimitris is also a dedicated mountaineer and rock climber. With hundreds of hard climbs in Greece, Britain and the Alps, he holds an instructor’s diploma by the French Mountain Federation and has authored books on mountain climbing.

photograph: Dimitris Vlaikos