Constantinos Emmanouilidis

self-taught amateur astronomer

Constantinos Emmanouilidis is a self-taught amateur astronomer born and raised in Thessaloniki. For the past eighteen years he has been managing his greenhouse manufacturing company and his fully autonomous astronomical observatory, which he designed and manufactured himself. Since the age of 18 Constantinos has been trying to find answers to all the big questions in life and this has taken him travelling all around the world so as to observe total solar eclipses and also to create and organize a team of researchers who detect supernovae explosions in distant galaxies. In his free time he reaches remote dark locations in Greece and abroad trying to capture through photography the beauty of the earth’s landscape combined with the splendor of the night sky. He believes that a combination of science and art is the best way to share the vastness of the Cosmos and the uniqness of the human spirit .