Christos Chomenidis


One of the most prominent Greek novelists nowadays, Christos Chomenidis was born in Athens in 1966 and has been living in the Kypseli district ever since. He became widely known from his very first novel “The wise kid”, which was enthusiastically received by readers and critics alike, thus enabling him to commit to writing thereafter. At the same time, Chomenidis has been contributing opinion articles in leading Greek newspapers and magazines, while in the past he used to run his own radio show for almost a decade.

After graduating from Law School at the University of Athens, Chomenidis pursued further studies on Law at the Lomonosov Moscow State University and then studied Communications at the University of Leeds. He has written and published six more novels and three collections of short stories. His novels center around Athens and post-dictatorship Greece while featuring a subversive sense of humor and a pinch of irony. His books have exceeded 400,000 copies and have been translated to French, Italian, Lithuanian, Turkish and Jewish.

In 1997 Chomenidis was invited to the “International Writing Program” at the University of Iowa while in 2013 he represented Greece in “Marseille – European capital of culture”.