Areti Markopoulou & Tomas Diez


Areti Markopoulou, architect, Director of R+D at IAAC and Tomas Diez, urbanist, Director of Fab Lab Bcn, are co-founders of Studio P52, an international platform for transcending the boundaries of individual’s creativity.

Areti and Tomas are based in Barcelona, where they teach and lead projects related with new approaches to the production of architecture, technology and urbanity at different scales that will lead us to the future cities.

Their research explores how Energy, Information and Fabrication could lead to optimum future city models, where technology and citizenship will play a protagonist role in the production of a more efficient and responsive habitats that would adapt to our behavioral changes over time.

They both hold a Master in Advanced Architecture from IAAC, a Fab Academy diploma on Digital Fabrication by the MIT Center for Bits and Atoms and they also have done further studies in architecture and social organization at the Architectural Association, AA in London, the University of Havana–Cuba, among others.

Areti and Tomas have participated in several research projects, such as “Hyperhabitat_ Reprogramming the World” presented at the Venice Biennale in 2008, the “Fab Lab House” which competed in the Solar Decathlon Europe 2010 international competition of sustainability, the “Fabrication Laboratory” exhibition in the Design Hub of Barcelona (DHUB) about Digital Fabrication and 3D digital manufacturing technologies and their effect in our everyday life.

Their lectures and articles have been published internationally and they have taught seminars and workshops with ETSAM (Spain), COMA (Israel), UIC (Chicago), UCV (Venezuela), FAU SP (Brazil), CCCE (Argentina), IAAC (Spain) and more.