Tatiana Papadopoulou

Graduate of the Royal Dance Academy of London (scholarship), BA Dance Education, MA in choreography and performance, artistic director of the contemporary dance group “Dancers of the North”, of the State recognized schools “Arabesque”, and artistic manager of the Municipality of Kalamaria’s “motum” Dance Festival.

Graduate of the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing and holder of the Teaching Certificate (CBTS) and of the Diploma in Dance Teaching Studies (DDTS) of the Royal Academy of London.

At the age of 16 years, she is accepted (with a scholarship) in the Royal Academy of Dance in London, after participating in the global contest (Special Entry). She graduated with honors.

When she returns to Greece she joins the Seresta Dance Company. She has consecutive appearances as a dancer and choreographer: “European Youth Festival” – England, “Floriade Festival – Holland, Prix Volinine – France. Following an invitation, she participates in the Freddie Rutz Company which is based in Switzerland, O.P.P.E.97, in The Sani Festival, in the Unesco Festival, in the Biennale of Young Artists, in the Contemporary Dance Platform – Athens Concert Hall, in the Balkan Arts Market, and in the “Demetria \ “Forest Festival.

The Dancers of the North under her artistic direction, judged by the artistic directors of international festivals, are selected and appear at the 4th Contemporary Dance Platform at the Athens Concert Hall and the International Dance Conference.

She is a member of the International Dance Institute of Unesco.