Revecca Pedi

Revecca is an associated researcher at the International Relations and European Integration Lab, University of Macedonia, Greece. She has an academic background in Politics and International Relations. Her Bachelor’s is in Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies from the University of Macedonia, followed by postgraduate studies in International Political Economy (MA) at the University of Sheffield, from where she graduated with Distinction and International Relations (MPhil) at the University of Cambridge, which she completed upon scholarship from Cambridge European Trusts. Currently she is completing her PhD thesis, on Small Powers in the International System. Her research interests are International Relations Theories, especially neoclassical Realism, Small States Studies, International Relations of the E.U. and Globalisation.

She also has a professional background on communication and strategy consulting, where she has extensive experience. Among others, she has worked with the Hellenic Culture Organisation, the University of Macedonia, eresus conceptual web and has managed, or consulted on many high-caliber political and corporate communications and strategy projects. Also, she has eagerly given her insights to a great number of causes.

An avid writer and a fan of life and intellect, she enjoys writing for magazines, newspapers and websites. In her spare time, Revecca jogs, cooks, follows web trends, listens to music and dreams of possibilities. Currently, she is obsessed with writing down her thoughts on the Greek crisis, from an International Relations and Small State point of view.