Renata Eirini Ekine

Renata got involved into a variety of sports from an early age, something that was imprinted into her conscious. How to be fair, playing by the rules and most importantly be persistent when it comes to fulfilling her ambitions are some of the values she acquired. She is open-minded and does not hesitate to approach a topic from totally different angles, even if that requires additional effort, and constantly likes to keep her mind busy with a variety of subjects, sometimes diverse and even incompatible.

Her imagination and constructive nature are two aspects of her character she is proud of. Actually, these two may be mainly responsible of her completion of master degree in Computer Science, a principle she often describes as the “magic of the new era”. Being a fanatic blogger, she is actively composing articles about technology with a special focus on social media.

Her friends claim that the source of her charm is her wit and humor although she would like to believe it is just her big smile.