Oikonomaki Eleni

creative team, tedx thessaloniki

Born in Heraklion and currently living in Thessaloniki, while studying Architecture. From very early she grew an interest in urban planning, especially through participatory processes as she believed in people’s creativity .By projecting their ideas in the wide canvas that is life,she seeks for cooperation and sustainability .This tendency was powered during her visit at MIT during the Educational trip, which also led to her being involved in the organization of the program as well as in university teams and many events in Thessaloniki. Currently, she is in the final year, completing both her Master thesis project and dissertation on creative economy and its engangement in urban planning processes. She has worked as a web designer intern at IT Center of AUTH for more than a year, developinga personalized application ”my.auth mobile” for university’s students.Hopeless dreamer and in chase of her creativity, speaks 4 languages while recently added a fifth one, portuguese, as she is planning to complete her architecture studies in Lisbon.