Lina Vanidhis

Lina was never quite certain of what she wanted to be when she’d grow up, but she always felt comfortable around people. In the beginning, she wanted to study art restoration, later it was graphic design and just before turning 18 she was attracted by Marketing. She finally went for Business Administration. She got her BSc from ACT (American College of Thessaloniki, Greece) and her MBA from European University, Barcelona.

In 2002, she entered the world of strategic communication, where she remains active until today. She feels grateful to have gained both experience as well as friends from Basis Total Communication, Echo Design & Advertising and ADMINE Communications Group. Twelve years later, having conquered the virtue of patience as a Client Planning & Operations Director, she took a plunge into the deep waters of freelancing, as a Marketing Communications consultant, and feels glad she did so.

She continues to love the field of communication and advertising because it keeps her alert and because it has taught her to spot fake people from a distance. She loves kindness and detests stagnation. She values witty characters, invests in human relations, welcomes dark humour and enjoys taking long walks. She is an enthusiastic traveller, amateur photographer, certified scuba diver, devoted book eater, haute cuisine explorer and from time to time she shares her thoughts as an amateur e-author.