Lazaros Boudakidis

Lazaros Boudakidis likes troubleshooting! Working in the IT industry but coming from the world of Physics, it turns out this combination results in a natural ability for solving problems. Especially other people’s problems. His professional field is IT&T in event management and his favorite relationship is the one between cause and effect. What he loves the most about TEDxThessaloniki production department is putting energy into creating practical procedures that can survive in an over-creative environment. He is also a traveling guy, since he never misses the chance to hop on anything that goes anywhere. On the way to anywhere he tries to spread ideas that are worth doing so, like the ones he discovers while translating TED Talks for the TED OTP, but he never forgets to bring lots of useful ideas back home with him. He likes the number 42 and he can cook.