Georgia Karagiannidou

Georgia is an enthusiastic and highly motivated young woman. She is currently studying Civil Engineering at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, while she has been a volunteer in various projects, events and festivals so far, including engineering competitions, job fairs, ARCTUROS NGO and Open House Thessaloniki. She is especially proud of her mandate as a corporate relations coordinator in the local group of Board of European Students of Technology in Thessaloniki, an experience that changed her perspective of chasing the student world. She is also pretty active in the International Association of Civil Engineering Students, while trying to improve herself, motivate others to do so and bring a positive change in student education.

She loves traveling solo or with friends, tasting good beer and good food!

She tries to be a good listener, smiles a lot and gets really excited by new experiences and new people, so don’t hesitate to meet her!