Elia V. Patagou

Elia was born in Thessaloniki in 1984. She graduated from the department of Civil Engineering at the Technological Educational Institution of Central Macedonia (Serres – Greece).

Since 2004, she has been employed at the Organization that holds the International Thessaloniki Film Festival as well as the International Documentary Festival. She has always had a passion for photography so she began studying contemporary photography at Stereosis School of photography. She has also participated in numerous team exhibitions around Greece.

She has been involved as a volunteer at several events for the city of Thessaloniki such as the “Thessaloniki Alliws” initiative held by Parallaxi magazine. Last year she volunteered for the TEDxThessaloniki event for the first time and this year she considers herself lucky to be in charge of the production and sponsorship of the TEDxSters’ goodie bag.