Christos Gkantris

His name is Christos Gkantris and he is 22 years old .
In 2015 he came in Thessaloniki to begin a new life as a student in Finance and Accounting at University of Macedonia . He likes Finance and Business fields and he firmly believes in public relations .
During his studies, he understood that if someone wants to gain the life , he has to find his Identity out of the university. So he started to believe in volunteerism and its power.
In 2016, he was a member of organizing team of TEDx University of Macedonia as a Sponsorships and Sales Manager. One year later , he applied as a volunteer in TEDx Thessaloniki and he is in the organizing team as a Sponsorships Director.
Exploring new cultures through traveling and communicating with other people, reading literature , theatre and basketball are some of his main interests.
His life in one quote : “ If you are going to try go all the way .. Unless don’t even start “