Christina Melidou

program team, tedx thessaloniki

Christina was born in Thessaloniki just in time to join the last generation of children who grew up

without home computers, mobiles phones and tablets. She studied Geology at the Aristotle University of

Thessaloniki, Greece and went on to complete an MSc on Coastal Zone Management at Bournemouth

University, UK. She then returned to Greece and worked for nearly ten years as a Secondary School

teacher before moving to London and the administrative side of Education.

In 2008, Christina took part in Famelab, a science communication competition, and since then she has

become involved in various related activities, speaking at science festivals, writing articles and appearing

at the TV show Eureka2. She first volunteered for TEDx Thessaloniki in 2011 and she is one of the

speakers’ coaches, working with speakers to maximize the impact of their talk. In her free time, she

enjoys seeing family and friends and reading books.

Of all the things that TEDx has brought into her life, Christina is mostly grateful for the interesting people

she’s met, their courage and their common sense.