Why the Web is dead

Science & Technology

“The web is dead”, was the introductory phrase of Christian Heilmann’s TEDx speech. There is no excitement about new websites and the mobile phone is definitely not the easiest way of accessing the web when it comes to typing with your touch keyboard.

“The problem with the internet was that we were like kittens with a laser pointer”, he said. The new dawn of the internet was the app. There is an app for everything now days and the good thing is that apps are focused.

However, Heilmann outlined that apps are a hype and they are not innovative. An app needs millions of users in order to be successful. We make the problem of selling a software our problem by saying it’s a nicer interface and then downloading the updates. “We have become slaves to the terms and conditions that we do not read about”, he said.

In today’s economic model you put your lives in apps and they make money from it because apps give you the idea that you have a social life when you actually don’t have one.