How to thrive in a constantly changing world | Venetia Koussia

What does it mean to live in a VUCA world? How does its Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous character interfere with our professional life? The correct question to ask one’s self, when applying for a position or choosing a career path is not “what do I want to do”, but “what do I want to be”. Dr Venetia Koussia poses these questions and more, discussing the changes in mentality that are necessary in a VUCA world in order to reach the destination we want and we deserve in our life.

Dr Venetia Koussia, holds a long-standing career in senior management positions and is the former President and Managing Director of the Greek branch of ManpowerGroup (2002-2016), the world’s leader in innovative workforce solutions. Dr Koussia believes in the power of the good example and she devotes hundreds of hours annually from her personal time in assisting people to unleash their potential and overcome gender, age or other barriers.