The social enterprise bakery that restores eyesight | Andrew Bastawrous

Politics & Society


Andrew Bastawrous, an ophthalmologist, decided to move to Kenya in order to establish a hundred eye clinics and help blind people restore their eyesight. At first he had to deal with many difficulties related to the country’s infrastructure, but he soon realized that the biggest problem was the number of people in need of eye care. For this reason he created a smartphone app for eye testing, which turned out to be a huge success. Then another problem arose; the cost of treatment. In order to cover this cost, he and his wife set up a bakery, the Ujima Bakehouse, through which they would be able to provide healthcare. For every hundred loafs of bread sold, a patient would receive treatment and apart from that, a young person would get training. The talk further elaborates on the importance of producing healthy food and analyses the drawbacks of sugar as an ingredient in most foods. Andrew aims to expand the bakery so that a more people can receive the eye treatment they need.