The refugee boat hero who saved a child and stirred a continent

Politics & Society

“Everyday we listen to harrowing stories of people fleeing for their lives, across dangerous borders, and unfriendly seas”. The Syrian war has driven almost 4 million people over the borders; over 7 million are on the run inside the country; over half the Syrian population has been forced to flee.

In a powerful, moving talk, Melissa Fleming of the UN’s refugee agency shares the story of Doaa, a 19 year old Syrian refugee that made the decision along with her fiancé to take the risk of crossing the Mediterranean Sea in order to make it to the promise of Europe.

Melissa Fleming asks why so little is being done to stop the wars, the persecution and the poverty that is driving so many people to the shores of Europe. The stark fact remains, no refugee would be on those dangerous boats if they could thrive where they are and no one would put their life savings in the hands of those notorious smugglers if there was a legal way to apply to migrate.

Video edited by Pnevma Productions