The future is all about mobile technology

Science & Technology

Stefanie Hospital, like most of us, is a child of the digital age. During the past fifty years there has been such a vast technological advancement that computers became a part of our everyday life in more and more fields. This kind of advancement was introduced by various companies that led the mobile revolution through which people manage to be constantly online and communicate with each other from all over the world within seconds.

“If you want to create an internet business you have to think online”, she said. “It’s all about mobile. Television channels are becoming obsolete as well. Today if you want to watch something you watch it on mediums such as YouTube and Daily Motion. This evolution also reflects on our everyday lives and how technology will soon be integrated even into our clothes in order to promote better quality of life and convenience in everyday activities.”

It’s a world of data. A better, digital world where you can find in abundance and low cost the necessary means to create your own startup and be part of the evolution that the world is undergoing second by second. “Have big dreams for you and make Greece as startup nation”, was her ultimate advice. “The key is to adapt”. Follow that simple advice and the future is in your hands.