The fallacy of the conventional workplace | Alex Loizou

Finance & Entrepreneurship


Alex Loizou, co-founder of Trouva, discusses the issues of locality and flexibility, when it comes to access to knowledge and business. Despite the strict rules from the past that have formed our point of view, nowadays the way we view our workspace and our life is completely different. Just as information is no longer limited to one location, purely co-located workspaces can be replaced by hybrid or strict remote structures, thanks to the rapid technological changes. This requires the creation of a sense of trust and common vision, with core values that are shared by all co-workers. “We should stop limiting ourselves by the notion of locality, in order to achieve the vision and the things that we aspire for”, he says, adding a final piece of advice “We need to traverse space and time and find those things we really believe in and not be limited by where we are. Why not embrace the ambiguity of presence”.