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Entrepreneur by profession, perfectionist at heart, Carlos Espinal shared with us the importance of channeling your efforts and your passion effectively in your entrepreneurial goals.

“If you knew you’d be better off in the future for taking an action now, what would you do?” he asked. He focused on the fact that people think more about the end result and not on how to manage the present.

People want to succeed but they have vague opinions regarding concepts like success or what they actually want to do. However, the fact that “going the extra mile, pushing a little bit more than most, is what makes you amazing and what leads to achieving you goals” was his strongest point.

“We need to take actions sooner”, he said and we mustn’t believe other people’s success stories since they most often tend to be far from reality. We need to develop a network because it is going to be our safety net and we need not fear what will happen in the future. Most of all though, we must be open to the ideas that are around us because they offer the most important opportunities in the entrepreneurial world.