RE_ACT: Opening performance at TEDxThessaloniki 2016 | RE_ACT



The performance is a combination of 3D video mapping and live dancing on stage. Stathis Mitsios, a modern stage designer who integrates video into the scenery, creating virtual environments and complex lighting conditions via 3D video mapping, created the video and directed the performance. Sofia Kalpenidou and Ioannis Vagionas are the two dancers. Sofia Kalpenidou has participated in various theatrical productions and dance performances and teaches dance at the Iasmos School of Drama and various other dance schools. Ioannis Vagionas has taken part in various productions both as an actor and as a dancer. Τhe performance is choreographed by Tatiana Papadopoulou and filmed by Eleftheria Kalpenidou. The music for the performance is an original piece written by Yannis Momtsios, an artist who has done puppet creation, directing, music composition, and encouragement for the performances of the theatre company.

A three dimensional audio-visual dance performance.