How open source technology can enhance agricultural production | Chris Giotitsas

In this talk Christos Giotistas focuses on open source agricultural technology. Since the introduction of advanced agricultural machines many restrictions imposed by patents that apply on them limit farmers on the extent to which they can intervene on their machines. For this reason farmers in the United States and France have created communities that provide all their colleagues with designs of small or medium sized machines which they can create themselves even with limited resources. These designs, not limited by any patents, are provided for free and the farmers can alter them to fit their needs. After pointing out the benefits that such a community would have for Greek farmers, Christos concluded that “we should be able to affect technology so that it serves everyone.”

Chris Giotitsas is an Internet researcher and research fellow at the P2P Lab. Currently, he is pursuing a PhD at the School of Business, University of Leicester, UK, investigating free/open-source technologies and agricultural communities.

His project combines theories about technology and social movements in order to examine how the various individuals and groups involved in open source agricultural technology frame their activities and how this influences the development process and form of the technology itself. Chris is also an editorial assistant of Ephemera Journal.