Open innovation for our bionic future | Minas Liarokapis

Science & Technology


In this talk Minas Liarokapis, founder of OpenBionics, presents how he created the most efficient robotic hand. Although humans have the most powerful processor, our brain, although we are able to perform complicated tasks, we are weak and fragile. An accident can result in one person losing a limb, which can have important consequences on their life. To overcome this problem, robotic hands were created, however they are extremely expensive and not able to perform many tasks successfully. The robotic hand presented in this talk overcomes all the limitations that other robotic hands have. It is extremely skillful and it is created with simple materials. Its designs are available online as free and open source so that everyone can use them and create their own prosthetic limb. What we learn in this talk is that anyone can be a source of innovation. For this reason we must not hesitate and take the step to put our ideas forward.