Live @ #TEDxThess16 – closing act | GANG


the gang tedx thessaloniki 2016

The GANG were created in Thessaloniki and their music is a mixture of indie-rock and jangle pop. They have performed in Berlin, in concerts, in festivals and in significant venues in Greece, in Italy and Istanbul. The GANG do not hesitate to merge with artists from different types of music such as their cooperation with the internationally renowned tenor Michael Kleitman, their participation in the musical “Broadway Nights” and their on-stage performance with the Swiss-French group Groov Tank! Their first English song, “Driver”, recorded in London, is part of their forthcoming album, “Find that place”, and was released on iTunes in 2012. The word “playlist” is relatively unknown to them and thus their concerts are never similar. The frontman of the band, Nikolaos Dimitriadis along the GANG is completing his international tour entitled “Smile. A concept on Ethics, Environment and Music”.