Journeying through life with my disabled son | Panos Georgiadis

Born in the city of Kilkis in northern Greece, Panos Georgiadis always dreamt of becoming a sailor, even though he had only seen the sea in photographs. He travelled and lived in numerous greek cities, such as Sparta, Xanthi, Thessaloniki, Didymoteicho and Larissa, until the birth of his second son, Dimitris, which threw him in deep waters. Dimitris was born with lissencephaly, a form of brain paralysis, and his condition taught Panos and the rest of their family a very different way of life. Today, Panos Georgiadis feels especially lucky to have fulfilled his childhood dream of seeing the world, as a travel editor for the online travel magazine “Omorfa Taxidia” (“Beautiful Journeys”). But he feels even luckier for continuously taking life lessons from the now 20 year-old Dimitris and his two other children, Nikos and Stavroula.