How to believe in your passion and face your fears


“We are awesome! We are great!”: That was the first thing Satyabrata Dam pointed out. “There are times in life when everyone feels terrible and powerless”, he said, but the key is to find within you what motivates you and drives you in order to overcome situations like that. Satyabrata Dam shared with us his passion and what motivates him to do all the great things he’s endeavoring, but he also shared with us a little secret: “When you fail at your passion, it is not a failure but a lesson. It transforms you and it teaches you”. You have to believe in your passion and face your fears.

He urged us to dream as wild and as big as we can and know that if our dreams do not scare us, they are not big enough. The journey is hard work, but it’s worth it. “You have to conquer your limitations and your weaknesses”, he said and made us pledge to ourselves that we will never give up and follow our dreams no matter what comes into our way.