How negative and positive media content shape our world

Politics & Society

Filmmaker Philippa Young examines the way news are often presented to the public. More often than not over the past years media outlets have made extensive use of shocking images in order to grab the attention of the audience. Lately though we have seen a shift in the media landscape. Nowadays it seems positive media is gaining traction as a valid currency.

When the talk shifts to the dangers of a single story, she brings up the example of Mogadishu. We are all aware of the bomb attacks that have taken place in Somalia. But the reality is that these attacks are not the whole truth. “We know that daily life exists there, we just have to see it,” she says.

“It is up to us as media consumers to consider what information we want to have in our life and it’s the responsibility of media makers to keep us aware of our choices, because ultimately the pictures that we see will frame our reality and how we react to the rest of the world.”

(Video edited by: Pnevma Productions.)