Grow well, not just old! | Liz Mestheneos

Ageing well is an art that one must practice from a young age. In her thought-provoking talk, Dr. Elizabeth Mestheneos invites us to contemplate on the statistics which prove that the global population isn’t just growing, it’s growing up! What can we, as individuals, do to ensure that we remain relevant in the workplace, active in our family’s life and happy as years go by? And what can policy makers do to accommodate the needs, challenges and unique characteristics of our ageing population?

Dr. Elizabeth Mestheneos is a UK-trained sociologist who relocated to Greece in 1983. She became an independent social researcher and undertook many projects on ageing. She also co-founded the NGO “50+ Hellas” in 2006 which promotes the human rights of older people and their well being. She continues to advise on EU projects, many concerned with new technologies e.g. AAL, ReAAL, JUMP, Accessible cities.