Escaping dead-end, reclaiming success: Think like an immigrant

Finance & Entrepreneurship

During the 1920s Pittsburg was an amazing place to be. One can say that it was the Silicon Valley of its time. Upon examining how a country or a town, such as Pittsburg, can go to that level of innovation and development, Alexis Pantazis concludes that the immigrant mentality is what really makes a difference. Those immigrants were driven, they were passionate, they were pioneers and since they were coming to a new country, they had to start thinking for the long term.

Taking the conversation to Greece, Alexis Pantazis prompts us to start thinking more like the 1920s immigrants. Greece is a country that is going through a crisis; a financial crisis, a social crisis, a crisis of values. It is a country that is going through a rethinking process in itself. “We need to open our minds, we need to start rethinking and thinking differently,” he says. “It doesn’t matter where you were born. Bear that mindset, that immigrant mentality.”

Video edited by: Pnevma Productions