EKMEK Live at #TEDxThess15


Honoring the best aspects of Greek songwriting tradition and at the same time clearly influenced by their affection for Mexico and Latin American music, ‘Ekmek’ band early drew the audiences’ attention and gained its interest as one of the most creative upcoming bands. Their first album ‘Glykainei kai den paxainei’ (Lyra, 2011) rapidly gained extended Greek radio airplay allowing songs such as ‘Esy eisai i aitia pou ypofero’ (cover version of Manolis Chiotis’ song), ‘Ax Maria’, ‘I balanta tis logikis’ to rise up, while their song ‘O trapezitis’ [The Banker] became the soundtrack of a Deutsche Welle documentary about the Greek financial crisis. Meanwhile their live performances included provocatively heterogeneous cover versions of various songs ranging from Depeche Mode to Manolis Chiotis and from Rihanna to Kilaidonis establishing the band as one that needs no introduction.

(Video edited by: Eleni Pnevmatikou)