Designing cities for a life we want to live | Natassa Lianou & Ermis Chalvatzis

Design & Architecture

lianou xalvatzis-tedxthessaloniki

In this talk, London based architects Natassa Lianou and Ermis Chalvatzis present their philosophy about urban space. They focus on the importance of living in cities that put people in the forefront. Cities in which people want to live, cities which they love and respect. They point out that quality architecture is missing from the space we interact with, although it can significantly improve the quality of our lives. By focusing on four of their projects they unfold what they call “Smart Design Elegance”. Human centred constructions of exceptional aesthetics, created with the most sophisticated materials. Their aim is to change our lives to the better. They tell us that “modernism conformity forced people to adapt their life style to generic boxes. We want to do exactly the opposite. We want to adapt architecture to our local environments and people’s needs”.