Chasing dreams and supernovas | Constantine Emmanouilidis

Science & Technology


Constantine Emmanouilidis has a rather strange hobby – he is the founder of a team of amateur astronomers that look for supernova explosions. “We are all literally created with stardust. We are the living part of the universe” he tells us, adding that if it wasn’t for the great explosions of the supernovae in the past, “we wouldn’t be here today, exchanging ideas”. Constantine began creating a planetarium in 2001, and a little later the Greek Supernovae Survey Team was formed, with members from all over Greece, as well as from abroad. In July 2015 they discovered a Supernova that happened 280 million light years ago. “We are not professionals. We don’t make our living from it, but we enjoy the journey. It is important to be on a path that helps you evolve” he tells us, sharing his deepest belief that “we were born to travel”.