Live @ TEDxThessaloniki 2017 | Carte Postale

“Carte Postale” is a rather unconventional band. They are characterised by a retro pop sound, influenced by romantic new folk – rock melodies. As the closing performance act for TEDxThessaloniki 2017, they lured volunteers and speakers dancing on stage and made the perfect ending to an inspiring day.

“Carte Postale” is a multi-member band. Their music is based on the piano, the accordion, the trumpet, the bass, the drums, the ukulele and the English nostalgic lyrics. Their first album was released in April 2014 by the indie label The Sound of Everything. In the fall of 2014, they won the Jumping Fish Contest with the song “Rio”, after a public vote. The Carte Postale are: Despina Gotsopoulou (vocals, guitar) Anthony Spathis (guitar, piano, ukulele,) Constantine Spiliotopoulos (bass),Costas Nicolopoulos (accordion), Jason Vakrinos (trumpet), Giorgos Nikolopoulos (drums).