Can technology make you happy? | George Eleftheriou

Finance & Entrepreneurship

Giorgos Eleftheriou tedx thessaloniki

George Eleftheriou takes the audience in this talk on a journey to happiness. He starts by presenting three basic facts of happiness. Happy people live longer, they are more successful, and they are good for their family and the society. The question is then how can we achieve this so desired emotion. The answer lies in the combination of positive psychology and technology. New technological advances have made emotion recognition a task easier than ever before, as wearable tech can incorporate knowledge from the neurobiology of emotions and track humans’ emotions. In such a case an emotion tracker can detect the emotions a person experiences throughout the day and in the case of negative emotions suggest ways to make them feel happy again. The key point in this emerging technology is that “emotion recognition tech can help us better connect with our inner self” and also help us “develop emotional awareness and positive emotional habits” and be able to reach happiness.