Bringing humanity back into medicine

Science & Technology

Chris Giannou is not your average everyday doctor. He has 35 years of experience as a war surgeon and has operated under the most unusual circumstances you can imagine.

He talked to us about how medicine has changed over the years because of the rapid technological evolution and how today’s doctors are so much different than him. “Young doctors today tend to become medical technicians and not physicians”, he said. “They look at images and scans rather than the patient. They do not rely on their senses”.

Describing the various techniques that doctors implement in order to work through difficult circumstances, he referred to the intimacy that is created between patient and doctor and how, in these situations, being good at your job takes a whole different meaning.

“If I can make an amputee laugh, I consider my day a success”, he said. Based on that, he focused on the fact that we must remain the masters and not become the alienated slaves of technology. We must not consider technology the solution. Due to the human capacity to imagine, we ourselves are the solution to any problem we face.