When beautiful words conceal ugly political realities | Giannis Vlastaris

In this illuminating talk Giannis Vlastaris brings into the foreground doublespeak as a rhetorical and persuasive device in political speech. By introducing the subject in question through reference to ancient times Giannis zooms on the current state of affairs in the Greek political arena under the frame of the ongoing financial crisis. The talk reveals how politicians use language in order to conceal their decisions and the results these have on the public by choosing words that alter perspectives. Pensions cuts become “pension re-framing” while memorandums change into “compromises”

A distinguished journalist, Giannis Vlastaris has an accumulated experience of almost 35 years in this field. Throughout the duration of his career, he served in various branches of journalism, mainly focusing on the political genre. For the last 20 years he has served as the director of Kyriakatiki Eleftherotypia newspaper and Epsilon magazine, which helped define the special edition magazine genre among Greek press. For one decade, he worked as a reporter and political editor in the news programmes of ERT, as a researcher in informational programmes and as a producer in a series of special programmes.