An unconventional approach to entrepreneurship

Finance & Entrepreneurship

In a thought provoking Q&A session on entrepreneurship and investing Nikkos Frangos shares his views and experiences with the audience.

He says it’s important for everyone to balance deliberation and instinct. “What you’re looking for is the essence of a problem. Reasoning can take you only so far, but it’s your character and willingness to cultivate and allow intuition to be your guide. Your courage and faith – that’s what will take you to the rest of the way.” No matter what you want to achieve, the fact remains that there will be no perfect conditions.

According to Frangos investors see risk and reward very one-dimensionally. If one has passion, strength and courage, that changes the face of risk. Ηe also argues that investing is much more than a bank transfer and that the reward is much more than just how much money you can make. Because of that investors need to rethink the way they look at risk and reward.

(Video edited by: Pnevma Productions)