An inconformable misfit

Finance & Entrepreneurship

Born in the most beautiful country in the world (Greece) and raised by the most beautiful society in the world (Canada) Andreas Souvaliotis is the misfit of social entrepreneurship. Having to grow up with Asperger’s syndrome he was the weird kid that had “math” and “music” superpowers which, at the age of four, rendered him superior to his seventeen-year-old counterparts.

Embracing his (overwhelming for the Greek 70’s society) adversity he moved to Canada where such a characteristic is celebrated and it is used for improvement. There he bloomed and realized his dream of becoming the CEO of a big company before the age of forty.

In 2007 The “Climate Geek” realized the importance of going green and how it would affect the global market. So, he combined the green and loyalties market and created the first green points company striking a blow to the multibillion point industry, and thus succeeding in raising environmental awareness and promoting the country’s healthy living.