Yannis Aggelakas

Yannis Aggelakas was born in Thessaloniki on October 30, 1959. Aggelakas, a “true rocker”, first became widely known and popular as the lead singer of the legendary Greek rock band “Trypes” (1983-2001), with which he released 7 albums. In 2004 Aggelakas founded the record label “alltogethernow”, which as he himself has stated “is a label I founded along with some friends in order to protect our work and our inner self”. That same year Agelakas formed the band “Alzheimer Beat” along with St. Lazarinos, B. Baharidis and T. Kargiotakis.

In addition to his passion for music, Yannis Aggelakas is actively engaged in the film industry making his acting debut in Panos Karkanevatos’ film “Earth and Water” in 1999. In 2003 Aggelakas composed the soundtrack and starred in Nikos Nikolaidis’ film “The loser takes it all”. In 2009 he also composed the soundtrack for Pantelis Voulgaris’ film “A Soul so Deep”. Furthermore, Aggelakas has published two collections of poems (“Σάλια, μισόλογα και τρύπιοι στίχοι” [“Drooling, beating about the buss and empty lyrics”], “Πώς τολμάς και νοσταλγείς τσόγλανε;” [“How dare you, badass, feeling nostalgic!”]) accompanied by his own drawings. In 2000 he published his first book entitled “Για την καρδιά ενός κτήνους 1985-2000” [“Living in the heart of the beast 1985-2000”] featuring all of his lyrics and interviews.