Vis Motrix

The Vis Motrix dance group was founded in 2001 by dancer and choreographer Konstantino Gerardo. The first Vis Motrix production with the title “in dreams” was presented at the Sofouli Theatre – Thessaloniki New Art Stage in May 2001. Up to this day they have organized their own productions, shows, performances and improvisation nights with the participation of music groups, while at the same time they have participated in various art and dance festivals in Greece and abroad. In 2004 the group created the vis motrix studio, a cultural space in the centre of Thessaloniki where they conduct rehearsals, dancing lessons and seminars in collaboration with Greek and foreign artists.

Konstantino Gerardo, the group’s art director and choreographer has participated in all the performances of the National Theatre of Northern Greece from 1989 until today. He collaborated with the Nees Morfes Theatre from 1997 until 2004 where he was the head of kinesiology for the performances and he participated as an actor as well. He also collaborated as a choreographer with the NTNG (National Theatre of Northern Greece), the National Theatre of Greece, with Neo Theatro, with the DIPETHE of Kavala and Veroia and many more. Today Konstantino is teaching at the NTNG Drama School, the “Andreas Voutsinas” Higher Drama School and the Matziari Dance School. At the same time he organizes dance seminars both in Greece and abroad.