Originating from Greece, Bulgaria and Albania, the multiethnic acapellla group “Stringless” consists of six talented female vocalists who were brought together by their mutual love for music and polyphonic musical arrangements. Vasiliki Alexiou, Albena Ivanova Kutova, Katerina Mavrofidou, Elsa Mouratidou, Eljona Sinjari and Alexia Xrisomalli seek to incorporate the element of acapella polyphony in songs that are not polyphonic in nature, thus creating imaginative and unconventional variations of the original sounds.

What makes their works truly special is that the members of the group reproduce the melodies of musical instruments through sounds that come from the human body. Their repertoire includes mostly traditional Greek songs from the regions of Epirus, Pontus, Macedonia and Smyrna, rebetika and retro melodies from the 1930’s, as well as other traditional and folk music such as Balkan, Celtic, gospel, Turkish and Native American. Their name represents a very clever pun since, besides its literal meaning (“without strings’), the word “stringless” means “shrews” in Greek.